Semiconductor Test and Testability

  • #1 in power and analog test

  • Ability to quickly innovate and resolve

  • 1800+ designs released toproduction

  • Versatility in industry standard tools

Key Expertise Areas

  • Product engineering capability

    DFT architecture and Test planning to production.

  • DFT at RTL and Gate level

    Strategy and implementation for DFT at RTL and Gate level

  • Test and Measurement

    Unmatched test and measurement knowledge across product breadth - digital, analog, mixed signal, power, RF

  • Versatility on top industry tools

    Versatility and experience on multiple DFT tool and ATE platforms

  • Product Qualification

    Versatility and experience on multiple DFT tool and ATE platforms

  • Release to production

    DFT architecture and Test planning to production.


    DFT Infrastructure

    - Versatility on all Industry standard DFT tool suite

    - Custom DFT tool and flow development

    - Desktop tester for faster DFT pattern bring-up


    ATE and Bench R&D Lab

    - Automated test equipment, bench instruments and accessories are integral part of post silicon validation. Infrastructure include multiple ATE with latest instrumentation. This coupled with bench equipment, tools, technology and support technicians enable us to run a 24x7 test floor for increased R&D productivity

    - V93000

    - ETS364

    - EVA100

    - NI STS

    - ETS88 (coming soon)

    - Bench equipment

    - Thermal stream


    Software Infrastructure

    - Test libraries and methodologies

    - Tools and infrastructure for pattern translation

    - Program automation

    - Data analysis


    Product Engineering and Qualification

    - Silicon characterization (bench and ATE)

    - Qual modeling based on end application

    - Qual execution (ESD, EFR, HTOL, HAST, TC and more) Product engineering analysis tools

    - Product engineering analysis tools


    Hardware Design and Manufacturing

    - Industry standard hardware design tools

    - Templates for industry standard ATE

    - 3D modeling tools

    - Simulation capability

    - Fabrication through strategic partnership

    - In-house assembly capability