World-class test and testability innovation and productization

  • Our value added contributions are a result of high-quality, innovative solutions that bridge gaps across multiple realms. With our commitment to excellence and in-house expertise, we understand our customer’s vision and care-abouts. We then architect and design solutions that provide high value for the customer – and deliver!

Anora at a glance

Core values

  • Customer focus

    Create dependable, highly technical product and solutions that increase the value for customers

  • A culture of continuous improvement

    Great financial results are not generated overnight with a breakthrough. It requires years of continuous effort and improvement

  • Self Driven

    Motivation and potentialities provide freedom to reach higher levels of success

  • Result oriented

    Taking every step with the end goal in mind will aid in reaching our desired results faster

  • Sustain great resultswith discipline

    Build a culture around the idea of freedom and responsibility within the framework. Discipline promotes innovations within the framework

Meet our team

  • Pramod Variyam

  • RS Pugalendhi

  • Jayashree Saxena

  • Sasi Cherubal

  • Prasanna Jeyapandian

  • Prashantha AV

  • Nagaraja K

  • Avinash Pura

  • Raj Puri

  • Jeremy Lee

  • Chand Basha